Sparklechat is a platform where you find strangers , make new friends , maybe find that special someone or login just to creep on people. Hey we don’t judge ! This site was designed to provide a safe and peaceful envoirnment to chatters. We aim at providing you the best chat experience without discrimination (Age , Race , Ethnicity, Species ... Heck if you can type No questions asked). Here at SparkleChat we believe in a healthy online community , together with its sister sites we’re well on the way to creating the biggest chat community online. We value your opinions and appreciate Honesty from our chatters. We are a small elite team trying to make your stay special here.

The chat rooms are easy to use and fun! Please take a moment to review the chat rules. Enjoy chatting! We want our chatters to feel safe, that why our clean chat rooms are encrypted, and protected by cloudflare and hosted on VPS so that availability fo service is ensured. The site is protected by SSL encrytion which secures all your requests to server and make you connection safe. This gives you one less thing to worry about so you can start chatting to discuss your lives, your ideas, and to just enjoy chatting to each other and have fun.