Please follow these rules and chat nicely.

  • Be respectful and kind to all other users.

    If a user politely asks you to stop something that they find offensive or hurtful, cease.

  • English in main room

    Please keep majority of the chat in English (save for a few sentences)

  • Please do not excessively use bad/offense language.

    In reason and moderation swearing is allowed but consider your language and the other users; as it is frowned upon. If another member is offended and wishes for you to stop then please do.

  • Do not paste links into multiple chats advertising your creations.

    However while chatting you may post a link to your channel, game etc. But please ask before posting, as it's just polite to do so.

  • Please no talk of suicide,gore or triggering messages.

    as it may upset anyone in chat. If it is something you are not sure about please message a staff member!

  • Do not overuse /me

    it is for IMPORTANT MESSAGES and nothing else.

  • Please no nude or overly suggestive photos in ANY chat room.

    This is including the adult room.

  • Follow Mod/Admin

    If a moderator or admin tells you to refrain from doing something in the chat, please respect the staffs wish and stop.

  • No illegal content

    Do not paste links to illegal content. You will get immediate ban.

  • No spamming.

    Do not spam the chat room by repeatedly sending similar words or phases.

  • Try to be polite.

    Do NOT harass other users, share the information of another user without permission, or put screenshots of a private chat without reason!!!